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The importance of Face Mask in the Prevention of the Spread of COVID-19

Many people have been asking if the masks help in the prevention of contracting of the Covid-19. This the measure is essential like the other measures that include the keeping of the social distance and the washing of the hands. When all these measures are done together they will help in the combating of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. There was no use of the face masks before the pandemic had started. The reason for this is that the clinical doctors were not very sure of the extent of the Covid-19 virus. The other reason for this is that there the doctors had not noticed that there were people who had the virus and were not showing the symptoms. The people who were found to show no symptoms have now been known that they can spread the virus.

For the reason above the public health groups were forced to tell people that it was very important for them to wear face masks. It is the recommendation of the World Health Organizations and other health organizations to use face masks to slow the spread of the virus. The recommendations put aside will slow down the spread of the Covid-19 virus. There exists different kinds of masks and they have their different uses. It is very difficult to know the exact number of the people infected with the virus. There is a very high probability that there are people who have the virus and they have not had the opportunity to get tested.

Covid-19 the virus is known to spread in three main ways. These main ways include transmission through surfaces, the occurrence of water droplets in the air and also the presence of aerosol particles. The transmission of the Covid-19 through the surfaces was greatly emphasized. Due to the great research that has been done by the medicals teams they have come to find out that the spread of the virus is mainly spreading through the water droplets. As a result of this, it has been discovered that the use of face masks can slow down the spread of the virus.

Surgical masks are very well known to be disposable after their use. The surgical masks are known to cover the mouth and the nose of a person. The the surgical mask will protect the wearer from sprays and the splashes that might contain germs and viruses. N95 is the other kind of mask that is very well known by many people. N95 kind of mask is very well known to offer maximum protection to the people. The the mask is very well known in the filtering of air particles that are either large or small when one breathes in.

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